Christmas 2020 Toys

East Medina 175 Toy donations

Even though the current situation (Covid 19 Christmas 2020) threw up difficulties in every situation, organiser, W. Bro. "T.B." was determined that East Medina's annual toy collection and delivery would go ahead as usual, although he admits that he was sure that it would not be as successful as usual. "I should have known better," he said after another highly successful event showed just how supportive the masonic community on the island is to good causes.
Helped by a team of volunteers and supported by donations from other island lodges, Ryde Masonic Centre was opened and manned to receive donations, and then volunteers delivered two van loads of toys for Christmas to children in hospital and sheltering at the island women's refuge.
The picture shows the collected toys with some of the volunteers: (left to right) "T B," "S H (W.M. East Medina)", "M R," "R S" and "A W." All in disguise :-)