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The Freemasons in their regalia. From left, Freemasons in the Community co-ordinator Steve Denness, master of East Medina Lodge 175 Tony Snowdon, master of St Boniface Lodge 8790 Stuart Raby, secretary of East Medina and secretary of Ryde John Street Masonic Club John Dixon and Mike Fletcher, from Spithead Lodge 6719. Picture by Peter Boam.

FREEMASONS threw open their doors to "dispel myths" in a public display by an organisation still perceived by many to be shrouded in secrecy.

On Saturday, 7-7-12, Ryde Masonic Centre, in John Street, held an open day for the public. The event was organised by the Provincial Grand Lodge of Hampshire and the IW.

To publicise the day, leading IW masons gained national permission from the grand lodge to be photographed in their regalia.

It was the first time since 1913 Freemasons had been photographed at Ryde in their regalia, which is normally only donned behind closed lodge doors.

The open day was run in conjunction with a new Freemasons in the Community manned exhibition gazebo, at the junction of John Street and the High Street, close to the centre.

Island Freemasons were on hand to give visitors an insight into Freemasonry today and its membership and what the organisation does.

Features included a guided tour of lodge rooms, a display of masonic regalia and the opportunity to talk to Masons about Freemasonry.

"Freemasonry has been active in the community for almost three centuries, with masons making significant contributions not just to charity but all areas of social and educational development. Despite this, freemasonry has its critics and there is a perception we are a closed society membership," said Provincial Group Representative for the Island, Ian Carnegie.

"There is nothing sinister or subversive about Freemasonry but in the past the organisation has sometimes failed to communicate effectively with the society of which it is very much a part.

"Freemasonry in the Community is achieving a wider public awareness and understanding of the organisation and its membership."











































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