Ronald Ryall

W. Bro. Ronald Ryall

Ronald Ryall Ronald Ryall Ron Ryall

 31st May 1936 to 14th June 2015

Member of Medina Lodge 35

Ron Ryall 

Ron Ryall



Ron was born 79 years ago and grew up in Walthamstow. His father was a boxer and mother a seamstress. Summer holidays, if that’s what we can call them, could be spent hop picking in Kent. Ron trained as an electrician, working in a number of places, including Cornwall, very often involved in shop fitting. Based at home until in his 30’s, Ron eventually went to be electrician at a baked bean factory in Wigan. He lodged at a pub and very often helped behind the bar, getting the training that was to be put to good use in his eventual position as Steward at the Island Sailing Club.

It was on a cruise that Ron met Frances, neither were youngsters, and it may not quite have been love at first sight, but the cruise was in February 1979 and they were married in June that year. Ron was an only child, but now became part of a family, with Nia, Benn, May and Richard. Mind you, Ron sometimes wondered what they might be up to when talking together in Welsh! He did not really appreciate their visit to the Cavern in Liverpool, being a Rolling Stones fan rather than that of the Beatles!

Ron’s job as Steward at the Island Sailing Club on the Isle of Wight brought he and Frances to Cowes, and upon retirement they moved to Nelson Drive. At first Ron was keen on gardening, but still very much involved in Freemasonry, and golf, though his golfing lessons to Benn in the sitting room at Nelson Drive were not universally appreciated.

Ron was one of life’s characters, as a friend commented, “What you saw is what you got.” He had a dry and at times what might be described as a colourful and original sense of humour that for some was an acquired taste! But a good friend, generous to a fault. In recent years he cared for Frances during her illness, something that not many people were aware of, and her death was a great loss to him.

Sadly before too long, Ron’s health deteriorated, he was in and out of hospital. He and the family greatly appreciated the help, visits, care and attention he received from his many friends.