Mike Fletcher

W. Bro. Mike Fletcher.

Member of Spithead Lodge 6719


29/4/1939 to 9/7/2016


Mike was born in Sheffield on 29th April 1939. 

Mike joined Spithead Lodge 6719 in 1981 and progressed through the Lodge occupying the Masters chair in 2000/01 and again in 2014/15, he was first promoted to Provincial Grand Rank in 2007 and promoted again in 2014, he was, for a number of years the Secretary of the Lodge.
He was a founding member of Ernest Moss Lodge and also went on to become the Secretary, as he was in other Lodges and orders notably Chapter, IOW Masters, and Rosicrucians.
He was a member of many other masonic orders on the Isle of Wight and also belonged to a Chapter in London.
Mike always took an active part in every degree he was in, he was a great supporter of Freemasonry and was very highly respected by all of the Brethren.


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