Tony Taylor

W. Bro. Tony Taylor PJGD

10/4/1938 to 25/7/2019

Member of

East Medina Lodge 175

Spithead Lodge 6719

IOW Masters 8874

Previous Member of Twelve Brothers 785


Member of

East Medina Chapter 175

Previous member of Hampshire and Isle of Wight First Principals 5990



In addition a member of many other orders


Brother Tony was  a mainstay of East Medina Lodge for very nearly 45 years, being Initiated, Passed and Raised in September, November and December of 1974 before serving as Worshipful Master in 1983. In 1991  he was appointed Active Provincial Senior Grand Warden, in 1993 Provincial Group Representative for the Isle of Wight, and in 1995 became the first member of East Medina Lodge to receive a Grand Collar since 1951, when appointed Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. In 2003 he was promoted to Past Junior Grand Deacon. 

He was a great supporter of, and source of knowledge and advice for, all the members of the Lodge and contributed a great deal to making the Lodge the success it is.


E Comp Tony was Exalted into East Medina Chapter on the 26th September 1977 and was installed into the chair of Zerubbabel on the 30th November 1986 and served the Chapter as Treasurer for a number of years. E Comp Tony was appointed to the Grand Rank of PAGDC in 1996.

He was a great supporter of the Chapter and attended regularly. E Comp Tony was also VGCO of Isle of Wight First Principals


 From a fellow mason.

Thanks for informing me of the sad passing of Tony Taylor.

Yes I knew him well. He was our Visiting Officer and Tony took charge of my father-in-law’s funeral when we lived in Brading.


The father-in-law’s funeral, although sad for the family, it had its funny moments. When we went to visit my father-in-law in Tony’s funeral parlour my wife and I were quite amused that my father-in-law, laying in his coffin was decked out in collar and apron of a Master Mason! The funny part was, my father-in-law was never a mason! Tony just assumed he was. Of course we never said anything to Tony, but just having the memory of my father-in-law going to heaven and being asked for the pass-word and pass -grip of a Master mason before gaining entry through the pearly gates made us giggle.


Moreover, when we got to the church in Brading the vicar was not there. So Tony frantically sent out a phone call to him. We waited and we waited, by now time was getting short to get our crematorium slot. Eventually, the vicar came crashing in still with his bicycle clips on and proceeded to done his garb and conduct the fastest funeral service, I have ever seen.

Hey-Ho we still reminisce about that to this day.


From a well known local Mason from chine and Vectis fairway Lodge.