Frank Barton

W. Bro. Frank Barton

Albany Lodge 151

Frank Barton

Born, William Francis Barton,28th September 1954 to 8th June 2014

Known as Frank.


Frank was born on the 28th September 1954 and was a member of Albany Lodge 151

He Became Master of that Lodge in 1998 and Received Provincial Honours in 2005 as a Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden.

He joined Isle of Wight Masters 8847 in 1998 and performed various pieces of ritual and became Junior warden of that Lodge in 2003.

He was also a member of St Boniface Lodge 8790, joining in 2003.

He was also a member of the Ernest Moss Lodge 9780 and was in the position of Junior Warden at the time of his death.

 Frank Barton   

  Frank Barton


(I will add more as information comes in as Frank was a member of other degrees, Albany Mark TI I understand.)