Downloading Fillable PDF forms - CHROME

Hi, if you have arrived here, you might be having trouble opening "fillable" PDF forms.

We have discovered that when a form is downloaded to your computer, there is a particular way to open it.



What you must do is to download it to a folder on your computer and then, navigate to that folder using "Windows Explorer" on a PC or "Finder" on an Apple computer, and then double click to open it from there.

Of course, you must have the latest Adobe Reader also installed.

That should be it.





If, when using "CHROME" as your internet browser

Normally when clicking on a link and downloading a form to your computer, you will end up with a link to it here, see picture, do NOT try to open the form with this link.

Wrong way to open a fillable PDF Form


Next, what you have to do is to go to the Folder on your hard drive where the file has been put.

In the bottom right hand corner (of the browser that had that link in the bottom left hand corner) is a link to "show all downloads", click on that first. 

How to get to the folder where the file is

Next, you haven't got there yet.

Next. In the next screen you should then, in the top right hand corner, have a link to the folder to which your file was downloaded to, click on there.

Link to download folder

Next, the last screen, see below.

You will now be at the folder where your file is and you should open the file here by double clicking it.

Good Luck,


Brett Clark.

Open the file here